Asiatique – Bangkok’s old rice warehouses as shopping area

Asiatique is a new shopping complex next the riverside of Chaopraya river in Bangkok. I have to call it the Akarenka (Yokohama Japan) of Thailand. Asiatique uses old warehouses for rice as a new shopping venue just like Akarenka. A long time ago, rice would be transported by boat and the rice would ended up at these warehouses.

Another similarity to Yokohama is the fact that there is also a big ferris wheel to see the view of Bangkok. Asiatique opens from 17:00 till midnight and the shops here mostly came from the closed down former night market at Lumpini park which was very famous among foreigners.

Here you can also find many nice restaurants next to the water to enjoy the view of the Chaopraya river of Bangkok.





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