Traditional Thai Ring with Emeralds and Rubies

Everyday when I leave the house I always wear a ring. I guess it is my  source of self confidence for the day. When I forgot to wear a ring outside I would feel like that I just got robbed.

For practical and safety reasons, when I live in Japan I choose jewelries that are pretty simpler so that it is easier to get my errands done during the day. Once I am back in Thailand, I will change my set of jewelries because in Thailand I can simply afford to wear jewelries that are less practical. This is due to the facts that I don’t need to do daily chores nor travel somewhere for myself alone.

One of the rings that I really love is this very old traditional ring made from gold and studded with rubies and emeralds. The style itself is very Thai and you can see from the way that rubies and emeralds were cut that these stones were shaped before the use of modern day precious stones cutting technology. It is this traditionally crafted handmade imperfection that makes it so beautiful to me.