Two Rooms Grill – Aoyama – Again

The food at Two Rooms Grill in Aoyama has never failed to impress me. Therefore I always go there to treat myself. I was so glad to eat there again for I didn’t get the chance to visit the restaurant in the past two months due to my travels and university works.

This time I started my meal with crab cakes. You know the crab cakes you are eating are high quality when you can really smell and feel the texture of the crab as you bite into it. The sauce that comes with it is also one of a kind and goes very well with the greasiness of the fried crab cakes.


One of my favourite dishes in the world is the medium rare tuna steak and this menu is very hard to find in Tokyo just because the Japanese tends to use the tuna for other kinds of delicacy such as the sushi. You know that such a dish is cooked perfectly when you cut into it and see that the meat inside is still raw but not bloody. Furthermore when you bite into it, the meat must not be cold but at room temperature and the restaurant has succeeded in doing this.


Again the paste that comes with the tuna is also extraordinarily delicious, an odd combination that pretty much puts your taste buds to paradise.


After the meal I had a glass of port wine to end the meal on such a summery day.

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