Tokyo Union Square

On a day that wasn’t so hot yet, I had lunch with a friend of mine at Tokyo Union Square of Tokyo Midtown. The restaurant has this patio area next to the Midtown park which is absolutely magnificent when the weather is just perfect.

We had the lunch course meal. We both started with the salmon carpaccio and I loved how they put cherries with the salmon. Then for the main, my friend chose the pork with okra. Pork can be hard to cook for it can turn too chewy. However, the restaurant cooked it to the right tenderness (yes I tasted my friend’s food hehe) . As for me, I had the white fish and the sauce was great for the summer for it has a citrus flair to it. Afterward we had the dessert which included a mini panna cotta, a mini shortcake with raspberries and raspberry sherbet. For me I portion was just about right.






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