Kamikochi Natural Reserve – Nagano Prefecture

It was the end of the June and there was snow among the mountain ranges of the Kamikochi, a natural reserve situated between Takayama and Matsumoto. Kamikochi literally means the high above land and the name is certainly true to its name. In order to reach Kamikochi you have to park your car in a designated car park and take the shuttle bus or the taxi up to natural reserve. At the car park the weather was still warm but when I reached the top and saw the summer snow and the clouds floating low. I just thought to myself oh dear I should have brought more clothes and I ended up buying a yellow scarf from the gift shop.

The area is just naturally stunning. For me it was like a journey to an exotic land. I really am having trouble describing it. I can only think of phrases like summer snow, crystal blue water, white sand by the water, and a journey through the lush green forests. If I can, I really want to visit Kamikochi again and stay at there over night and enjoy this very refreshing change of atmosphere.