Cycling through Hida-Furukawa with Hida Satoyama Cycling

During my trip to Nagano and Gifu, I got the chance to cycle through the town and the countryside of Hida-Furukawa and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. You usually wont get to see much of me in a bicycle through the countryside but I certainly recommend the service of Hida Satoyama Cycling.

If you are interested, you have to call or email them in advance but fear not for they speak excellent English. There are many cycling courses to choose from and I took the half day course with my friends. The course was not too difficult and the scenery was just beautiful. I also really appreciated the fact that our guide was able to tell us local facts that we would not be totally clueless about as a tourist, giving us the local flavour of the town.




During the course, we met a farmer who was very excited with his extremely long fishing rod because the very next day, the fishing season for the Japanese aiyu river fish would be opened.



At the end of the journey, our guide made us Japanese wheat tea with the natural spring water we got on the way and we drank it underneath that gazebo.



I had a wonderful experience and you should try it out if you get the chance.

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