Kyoya – Takayama – Hida Beef Grilled with Miso over Houba Leaf

We were walking around Takayama and we asked a local where is the place to eat in this town and she replied that it has to be at Kyoya. Kyoya in Takayama serves Hida’s (the region) traditional cuisine and that is Hida beef and miso.


The beef slowly grills in front of you as the locally made miso and the houba leaf wet your appetite.


If you do not eat beef like me there is also a vegetarian option with the seasonal vegetables grilled in miso and houba leaf. I really love the taste of it. The meal is also very healthy for its comes with rice, miso soup and assorted kinds of japanese pickled vegetables.


The place is also packed with tourists and locals. It is like the place to hang out at night in Takayama.


When you are in Takayama, you can ask anyone about Kyoya and they can tell you where it is for sure.