Le Bain at the Standard – Last night in New York

On Friday the 14th of June, my final night in New York, I went out to Le Bain at the Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking district and had a very terrific time. This was my outfit for the night, a stranger on the street said to me, “sup bro do they make those pants for me?!” While a very good looking tall blond preppy boy with a blazer on said to me that I got style. Those statements just made my night already, New Yorkers got my taste in fashion hahaha.


We had to wait for about 30 minutes before we got in. You have to take the elevator up and then you will see the dance floor and the bar.


On the very same floor, there is a swimming pool. People basically just swam in their underwear and their was a guy walking around handing out towels.


But the most amazing part has to be the outdoor rooftop bar when you walk up one more floor.


On one side you can see Midtown New York.


On the other side you can see Downtown New York and the Freedom Tower that replaced the former World Trade Center Towers.


This was on the wall of the staircase, a reminder of Japan before heading back to it the next morning.


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