Lunch at the Nomad Hotel’s Atrium

This has to be one of the most favourite meals of my New York trip. I was at having brunch with my friend at the Atrium of the Nomad Hotel between Broadway and 28th street. The atrium is a sunlit room inspired a courtyard in the great houses of Europe.


The complimentary bread to start the meal is no ordinary bread. No butter, salt or olive oil is needed for it has been seasoned to perfection. When you bite into the bread you can taste the chickpeas hidden inside while the aroma of the rosemary heightens the flavour even further.


My friend had the asparagus with the bread salad with smoked potato and black truffle.


While I had the lobster poached with asparagus, fennel and vermouth. The taste was just divine. The mild sweetness of the alcohol with the slight saltiness of the lobster make this lobster dish a one of a kind.


The dessert was also spectacular. My friend had the milk and honey with shortbread, brittle and ice-cream. Doesn’t it remind you of a bee?


I had the Mandarin creamsicle. The presentation for this dish is a bit weird in my opinion but the flavour simply made the beginning of the afternoon refreshing.


The bar is also beautiful and it actually has a library as well. This place would just be lovely for a date.


For more information please go to:!/dining/atrium