Hot Pink Chanel

This is a story about my hunt for a hot pink classic Chanel bag for my mother. My mother has told me that she wants this very particular hot pink Chanel bag. The story was that her friend went to Osaka and the Chanel store said that there was only one left in that area which was in Kobe. Her friend immediately took the train to Kobe from Osaka just to buy this very bag.

To satisfy her desire, I went around every Chanel store in Tokyo from Shinjuku to the main store in Ginza but they did not have it at all. When I flew to New York the first I did when I landed was to head to the Chanel in Soho. The lady there gave me hope by saying that they might have one left but there was no hot pink Chanel there for me. On the next day, I went to the Chanel in Bergdorf first and asked about it. The lady there said that women reserved it even before it was in the store.

Then I went to the Chanel flagship store between fifth and madison avenue. The guy there said to me that they probably don’t have it.  He went to search for me anyway. He disappeared for about 20 minutes and return with a box. The box had a picture of a classic black Chanel but it turned out that there was a hot pink one inside the box. He said that they had no idea that there is still one left in the store and that this is probably the very last one on the east side of the United States of America.

When he opened the box and showed it to me, I immediately said to him that I’ll take it! I also thank you him for looking for the bag for me and how he just saved so much more trouble my not having to travel to other places to look for this bag.

This was one major hunt for a hot pink Chanel bag from Tokyo all the way to New York.