The Book of Mormon – The Musical

I arrived in New York in the morning of the 11th of June 2013 and on that very night I went to Broadway to see The Book of Mormon straight away. This musical is directed by Trey Parker, the maker of South Park. If you like South Park offensive humour, you should definitely go and see. I was very tired from my travel but the musical managed to keep me awake for the entire time. Mind you not everyone found the musical funny, the lady who was sitting next to my friend was a Mormon and she definitely found it offensive.

The Book of Mormon is about a young mormon missionary who has just finished his training in Utah. He envisioned that that he would be sent on an adventure to the city of his dream to spread the Mormon faith but things did not turn out as planned for he was sent to one of the most remote parts of the world.

There are several things that I love about this musical. The first thing is how the director has smartly tied the introduction with the conclusion. It has been written very smartly. I also love the choreography as well. It is so over the top. Moreover if preppy skinny men with slicked back hair is your type then you would love this musical even further. Imagine a bunch of them dancing around.

The songs from the Book of Mormon is good but it is not great either. They are catchy and make the musical very fun to watch but they are not so memorable.  I also felt that the props and the stage could be even grander.

Nevertheless, the Book of Mormon can give you an enjoyable night if you are not a Mormon yourself.