Good Bye February and Hello to Spring

I am glad that February has come to an end. There had been too many sad news that made days gloomy. I wish that things will get better in March. 
Today I was around the older parts of Tokyo doing field research for my assignment. After that, to get my mind off some issues I decided to just enjoy the unusually warm spring-like weather on the final day of February. 
Take a look at some of the places I visited today. 

This was the room top of the flagship  of the Mitsukoshi department store. There is a very nice flowers and plants shop with a huge variety to choose from there if you are interested in gardening. 
It would also be nice to bring a date here. Just buy great food in the department store and bring it up to eat on the rooftop with your date. 

Afterward I went inside the Imperial Palace. When you walked up the hill inside the Imperial Palace you will reach this park. Great spot to bath under the warm sunlight light on a chilly day. 

The flowers inside the Imperial Palace are starting to bloom already. Spring this year is sooner than expected for sure.