Skiing in Niigata Gala

If you are looking for a place to ski close by Tokyo without having to stay over and easy to get to, I recommend you to go to Gala Ski Area in Yuzawa Niigata Prefecture.

It takes only about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Tokyo station with the Shinkansen bullet train. When you arrive at the station you will immediately be at the ski facility where you can rent equipments.
From the station you will ride a cable car up into the mountain. Where the ski courses start in the plateau of the mountain.
From here you can choose the course to go on. Gala has many courses from beginners to the most extreme.
There are also a lot of foreigners working in the area so if you can’t speak Japanese, Gala is also the place for you.
The most stunning thing about this whole experience was the view. Because the bottom of the ski area is in an elevated area, when you go up even further to begin descending down you will get to see the surrounding mountains. For me this was just breathtaking.
I had a great experience and so can you.
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