Wall – Aoyama

My friend suggested a bar in Aoyama called Wall and I have to say it is fabulously chic. I probably want to chill here more often from now on. 

First of all when you are there, you have no idea that there is actually a bar here and you do can’t really see the entrance well but it is actually that tiny skinny door. 

The place is not so big so it is quite cozy to chat with your friends. It is not too crowded as well and people do not smoke inside. This makes the whole experience even more pleasant. I was actually drinking a glass of port wine. It is usually so hard to find a place that has it. 

The bar actually has a big wall entirely consumed with the work for the vertical garden artist Patrick Blanc. 

and when you walk into the toilet you see this very modern chair. Totally random and yet so cool. 
This place would actually be perfect for a date as well. I really love the underground but yet chic atmosphere of this bar. 
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