Red Suit by Paul Smith

The other day I was buying a present for my friend at Isetan in Shinjuku where I saw amazing colourful suits by Paul Smith. They didn’t have the red suit in my size but it was a must have. So I placed a reservation without any reluctance and I just went to get it today.
Do you also know that during the Victorian period you could tell if a person was a gentleman or not by asking him to unbutton the buttons of his sleeve.

Basically if you can unbutton the sleeve of your suit it means that you are a gentleman. Suits that are well-tailored usually have this feature to show attention to details while suits that just have buttons attached are a lot easier to tailor.
I really wanted the red jacket because it reminds me of the English Red Coat of the British army. This also goes in line with some of my previous blogs about how I love English fashion like from Downton Abbey and clothes made from English Tweed. 
Basically nearly every outfit from Paul Smith Spring Summer 2013 is a must have. I really want the outfit above but they do not have them yet. My friend quoted Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock once that a man should never wear pastel unless he’s a black guy on Easter lol But I still love pastel colour clothing.
I got the red jacket today.
I also got this bright blue trousers and I am still wondering if I should get the blue jacket as well.
The yellow is also amazing.
For more information on this collection of Paul Smith. Please go to: