Today I woke up and saw the beautiful weather and spontaneously decided to go to Odawara close by Tokyo to sit by the castle, bath in the sun and eat Ladurée macarons that I bought on the way. 

From Tokyo you can get to Odawara via the Shinkansen bullet train or the Odakyu line from Shinjuku station and it takes about an hour-ish depending on the kind of train you choose. 
From Odawara station it is only about 10 minutes walk to Odawara Castle and you know that you have arrive at the Castle for sure when you see the gigantic moat and traditional Japanese wall in the middle of the city. 

It will probably be very pretty here in Spring with all the cherry tree blossoming next to the river. 

Like all castles, you have to go through the defence to get to the heart of it. 

Yep definitely can’t be a samurai or ninja. 

Once you have gone through all the defences you will arrive at the main castle. Too bad that this castle is not the original once because it was destroyed during the war but the replica is still amazing. 

You can go to the top of the castle and see the view of Odawara city. 

There is a very open space next to the castle with picnic benches. It’s too bad that I do not have a date because this place would be terrific to go on a date as well. 

If you walk down the back of the castle you can go to the Hotoku Ninomiya shrine. 
There is a Japanese garden in the shrine. 
The shrine itself is not grand but it is very peaceful. 

On the way back I found out that you can actually see the castle from the station. 

But before you leave Odawara there is also this cool statue at the station that you should see before you leave. 

I saw Mt. Fuji on the way back to Tokyo. 
Odawara is not too far away from Tokyo for those who want to see some Japanese castles when come to visit Japan. It my opinion it would be perfect on a date on beautiful day as well.