Moriaki Ryokan – Ikaho Gunma

 I stayed at Moriaki Ryokan, a traditional Japanese style hotel, in Ikaho Gunma on the 4th of February 2013. First of all when you stay at a ryokan you will get yukata, Japanese clothes, to wear. 

The building of the ryokan might be a bit old but its hospitality and its onsen aka hot spring overcome this minor flaw. The hotel is not too far away from the main area of Ikaho as well. 
My friends and I got a very good deal from the travel agency. I believe that we got for more than what we paid for for sure. This was the dinner.

This is the private hot spring you can rent out for 4 people. It is only about 2000 yen for 50 minutes. 
Another great thing about this hotel is the outdoor hot springs. There are two and each is assigned to male or female. Once it is midnight, the male and female hot spring are switched for that guests and enjoyed both hot springs. 
I went after midnight and I was the only one there. Read on my Kindle and just relaxed in the water. 
People usually drink milk after the hot spring and mine was of course strawberry milk. 
Afterward we actually rented out a room to sing Karaoke and it was 10,000 yen for the entire night. If you share this with your friends the price will be less than all the normal price of karaoke in Tokyo and the music is actually quite updated. I sang One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful Hahahaha 

This was breakfast in the morning. 

All relax and ready to go back to Tokyo. 
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