Mizusawa Gunma

In order to go to Ikaho Onsen in Gumna from Tokyo, you must take the train from Ueno and get off Shibukawa. From Shibukawa you have to take the bus to Ikaho and on this route you can visit Mizusawa. 

Mizusawa has a very big temple built from the 1300. 

If you hike up behind the temple you can reach the top of a mountain in that area and see the stunning view and nature of the surrounding area. 


Mizusawa is also very famous for Udon. I am not usually a big fan of Udon but in this case I have to say that the noodle taste fantastic. I had the set above where you dip udon noodle in different kinds of sauce before eating. 

You can see udon hung to dry in the sunlight. 

The main road in Mizusawa has several old houses that are also udon store. 

If you do not feel like udon or you not feel so hungry you can visit this cottage that looks like it came out off feudal Japan. Here you can have some traditional Japanese potato snack instead. 
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