Ikaho Onsen Gunma

On Monday the 4th of February I was in Ikaho Gunma which is famous for its onsen aka the Japanese hot-spring and the grand stairway in this tiny town. 

At the bottom of the stairways you can see a sign stating Ikaho Onsen. From here you can see the hot-spring water rich in sulphur that flows underneath the grand stairways and heat up the city during the winter. 
Once you climb the stairs, you will reach a place where you can rest a dip your feet into the hot-spring. If you do not have a towel you can actually buy one next inside a souvenir shop close by. 

Once you reach the top of the stairs you will find a shrine. 
Then there is a road behind the shrine that you should take. 
On this road you will find a very cute café/ hotel where you can rest and have some refreshments. 
Here you can enjoy the view a spectacular view of the nature of Ikaho. 

If you walk even further you will reach this beautiful bridge. I really want to come back here in autumn. The red leaves should be spectacular with this bridge. 

This is what Ikaho looks like from where I was staying. I will also be blogging about the place that I stayed very soon. 

This is what Ikaho would look like a long time ago. 
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