Wadakura Fountain Park – Otemachi

I was around Marounochi today and I found a very beautiful place that I would definitely come back again on another beautiful sunny day such as today and hopefully with a date. The place is just superb and it is called the Wadakura Fountain Park. 

If you keep walking from the Marounochi side of the Tokyo Station you will reach this boulevard that leads toward the Imperial Palace. 

Next to this boulevard is the Wadakura Fountain Park built to commemorate the marriage of the Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko in 1961.

The area is just breathtaking and you can have lunch in this restaurant overlooking the fountains.

I was practising my royal wave on the bridge. 

There is also a traditional Japanese bridge that contrasts with the modernity of Tokyo. 

I s want to come here again and hopefully with a date next time and yep that’s me sitting patiently waiting for someone to hit on me. 
Wadakura is accessible via the JR of Tokyo Station, the Tokyo station of the Marounochi Line of Tokyo Metro and the Otemachi Station of Tokyo Metro.