Ice-cream to have in Odaiba

 Another great spot to go on a date in Tokyo is Odaiba which is a man-made artificial island in Tokyo bay in the south of the city. The view is not the only impressive factor but there is also a great ice-cream place that everyone must try. 

In order to go to Odaiba, one must read the monorail from Shimabashi station and then you will cross the famous Rainbow bridge of Tokyo. 
In Odaiba you can enjoy the stunning skyline of Tokyo. Can you see Tokyo Tower? I have blogged about Tokyo Tower once before. 

This is what Odaiba itself looks like. There are a lot of big American style shopping mall in the area. 
Inside the shopping mall with the Toys R Us, you can find this ice-cream shop inside the food court. 

Here you can choose different kind of Topping and a cup is only 450 yen. I had the one of the furthest right and it is exclusively available in Odaiba. 

This flavour is called the Odaiba Island Blue. The Blue Hawaiian jelly with pineapples, and sprinkle of sea salt over creamy vanilla ice-cream from Hokkaido. I know that the idea of salt over ice-cream is weird but this whole combination just create a new genre for a dessert.
Next you time you go on a date at Odaiba, share this ice-cream with your lover.