Sugamo – Antiquity of Tokyo

Today I visited Sugamo on the Tokyo Yamanote Line. Sugamo is l basically 10 minutes walk from my house in Otsuka and it is very famous for a shopping street filled with traditional Japanese goods from the past. 

This is what Sugamo looks like right now. 
This is an image of Sugamo in the past showing that it was once a very busy district of Tokyo. 

Some stores from the past still exist to this very day. 
If you want very traditional Japanese snacks you definitely have to come to Sugamo. I want to get my palm read as well. 

Sugamo actually literally means duck nest. Therefore there is also a cute duck at the post office. 
Walking home with my potted plant. Yes I was buying plant in my designer clothes.

The sunset as I was walking home. Sometime in Tokyo if you cross over a bridge you do not cross over water you are actually crossing over train tracks.