White Sweater

I haven’t blogged in nearly a week because my nanny has been not well and I have been very busy with my university. Everything is starting to get better now so I will start with a very simple blog on what you should get as a basic staple for your wardrobe. 
As you can see I am still busy with my course by taking these photos from one of the classrooms. 

My fashion tip today is to get a white sweater. It should be a basic staple in your closet. If white t-shirt is a basic garment then white sweater should also be for the winter as well.  
This sweater is from Acne for the Spring Summer 2013 called the Cusco Bubble Off White. The design does not have to be grand but just how it is knitted made the garment special. 

For more information on this Acne sweater please go to: