Birthday at the Museum

This year I decided to have my birthday celebration in a museum in Tokyo known as the National Art Center, Tokyo or in Japanese known as the kokuritshinbijutsukan. A lot of people may be wondering why I chose the museum to be the place to host my party and here are my reasons: 

1. This museum is huge especially when comparing with other buildings in Tokyo. Therefore you can really host a huge group of people. 

2. The permanent exhibition has no entrance fee while the ticket for the temporary exhibition is 500 yen for students and 1000 yen for adult. Therefore all your friends can really spend time with you without putting too much financial burden on your friends.

 3. The building for this museum itself is art to me. I have fallen in love with this place ever since I have laid eyes on it. 

4. The restaurant inside the museum also is stunning, adding another cool factor to your party. 
5. Since the restaurant is so open, you can really talk to your friends without noise and acoustic problems coming in your way. 

(Even the wall is lovely)

6. The restaurant inside the museum can take up to 172 seats which is high in Tokyo. Therefore you have to worry so much about the reservation. 
I had a splendid time and so can you. 
For more information on the museum please go to:
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