Monthly Archive: January, 2013

Ice-cream to have in Odaiba

 Another great spot to go on a date in Tokyo is Odaiba which is a man-made artificial island in Tokyo bay in the south of the city. The view is not the only… Continue reading

Wadakura Fountain Park – Otemachi

I was around Marounochi today and I found a very beautiful place that I would definitely come back again on another beautiful sunny day such as today and hopefully with a date. The… Continue reading

Sugamo – Antiquity of Tokyo

Today I visited Sugamo on the Tokyo Yamanote Line. Sugamo is l basically 10 minutes walk from my house in Otsuka and it is very famous for a shopping street filled with traditional… Continue reading

Balmain’s Coat

Before the first semester of my master’s comes to an end, I have decided to blog about a coat from Balmain that I have bought recently and took photos with the track and… Continue reading

White Sweater

I haven’t blogged in nearly a week because my nanny has been not well and I have been very busy with my university. Everything is starting to get better now so I will… Continue reading

Snow at Keio University

Yesterday it snowed for the first time in the year 2013 in Tokyo. Tokyo does get some snow but it is usually not covered with white snow for the most of the winter.… Continue reading

Acne Hearts Trousers

Last night I got a very cute balloon from a friend for my birthday party in Tokyo and coincidentally the balloon went very well with my red Acne trousers which have hearts on… Continue reading

Birthday at the Museum

This year I decided to have my birthday celebration in a museum in Tokyo known as the National Art Center, Tokyo or in Japanese known as the kokuritshinbijutsukan. A lot of people may… Continue reading

Brown and Blue Furry Coat

A few months back I blogged about my love for the fashion of the Starks of Winterfell from the hit HBO TV show a Game of Thrones and how much I wanted a… Continue reading

The Most Stylish Boy in Tokyo

Hahahaha No I am not talking about myself.   I was on the train on the Yamanote Line today in Tokyo and I saw the most stylish boy. I usually don’t like kids but… Continue reading

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