My Room in Thailand : The Treasure Chest of Toys

A while back I showed the room in Tokyo known as the Peppermint Garden. Now that I am back to Thailand, I also want to show how I decorate my room in Bangkok Thailand. 
I called my room the Treasure Chest of Toys.

I received this drawing from Martine Johanna, a teacher of mine from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. She is actually a contemporary artist and I have always loved her artistic creations. Please check out her artwork,

I still need to update these walls with more photos of my life in Japan. I really love it when I wake up the morning and see these happy times around the world. This wall has Berlin, the Gold Coast, Kyoto, Tokyo, Sweden, Barcelona, Nepal, Turin and many more. 

I have cute artefacts everywhere. For instance next to my bed, I have a teddy bank and then I keep tiny things in macaroon boxes. I got the porcelain mask from my Dutch friend as a souvenir when she visited Venice. 

This is possibly an artwork that I own and cherish the most. This water colour cat drawing was drawn by best friend in the year 1999. This painting is 13 years old. We were only 11 when it was drawn. 

Next to the cat painting are my bookshelf and DVD shelf. 

I also collect exotic things from my trips around the world. I got an art nouveau ceramic from a market in Amsterdam and a praying wheel and a traditional make up box from Nepal. 

Vintage tin toys. 

You can also see a wooden horse from Sweden and a lacquered box from Japan. This box was actually given to me by a man who loved like my father when I was very little. It is too bad that he is no longer with my family but it is a reminder of him. 

I also have three big closets next to my bed for all my clothes. Of course these 3 can’t fit all of my clothes so I also have a walk-in closet in the room as well. 

 So this is my room in Bangkok Thailand.