Plantica/Nomadic Gallery Exhibition Opening

Today I was at the opening of a new exhibition called Plantica/ Nomadic at the Pola Musuem Annex in Ginza. The artist who can be referred to as Plantica is famous for the use of plants as installations in an avant-garde manner. 
This exhibition shows a main installation possibly inspired by the gallery itself and images of places where the artist has randomly chosen and inspired from to just create a plant installation there. 
For this occasion I decided to wear my new Prada. Due to the fact that I was going to an art events in evening I decided to be in my cultural fashion mode by wearing my traditional Thai trousers with the new Prada. I also had my coconut bag made in Thailand to go with the plant aesthetic of the artist.

There was only one main live installation there at the exhibition but it was just aesthetically inspiring. I can really just stare at it. 

This is another minor installation, simply weirdly beautiful in my opinion. 

I also like how the artist has chosen to present this photography as well. The photographs are actually printed on a translucent material. Then they were hung with a spotlight pointing at each image. For me this created a dream light effect.

This is an example of a photograph showing a random place where the artist has chosen to create his plant installation. 

 If you are in Ginza and have some time please visit this exhibition. For more information on the location of the Pola Museum Annex Ginza please check out:
For more information on Plantica please check out: