Asakusa in Acne

As promised from my previous blog that I will post pictures of me in the garments that I got from Acne Studio in Aoyama. Today I had to do field research for my project for Keio University in Asakusa and I just thought that this would be a very nice occasion to wear my new outfit. I wasn’t feeling a 100 per cent well today but you should always look your best when you step out of your house. 

The navy chunky knit sweater and the scarf with hearts are from Acne Studio. Then I combined them with jeans from a Japanese brand called Hare and I accessorized with white boots from Coach and a small limited edition Louis Vuitton Graffiti pochette for my camera. 

Asakusa has to be the traditonal cultural hub ok Tokyo. I really love how they hung kites for a festival that will start tomorrow. 

My friends and I had melon bread for only 150 yen and it was just delicious. 

The old and the new of Tokyo, the Tokyo Skytree gracing the old Asakusa. 


It was an unusually warm day today, good thing that I did not have a coat with me. Sometime if you wear just a nice knitted sweater, you really have to show it off and today was just the day for it. 
My friend recommended me a very delicious ice-cream place and in English it is called the ice-cream burger. It is on the main shopping street between the two red giant lanterns in Asakusa. One ice-cream burger cost 300 yen. 

I had the seasonal blueberry flavored ice-cream. 

What can I say apart from the fact that it was delicious! 
Again for more information on Acne Studio in Aoyama Tokyo please check out: