Acne Studio Aoyama

Yesterday was the first day of the Acne Studio in Aoyama Tokyo. Acne is one of my favourite brands in fashion and it is from Sweden. I decided to be there when the door opened to customers for the first time, and I was basically the second customer to walk into the store.

I also took the opportunity to do my christmas shopping at Prada in Aoyama as well.

This is the road where Acne Store is and it typifies Aoyama for its narrow street and a lot more smaller shops and buildings.
The address of the new Acne Store in Aoyama is:
5-3-18 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Transport: Omotesando station (Chiyoda, Ginza, Hanzomon lines), exit A5.

The Acne Studio did not have everything I wanted but I still bought three beautiful things.

The first is this lambswool scarf with hearts. 

The second one is this Helsinki navy chunky knit sweater. It might look ordinary but once I put it on, it was so cute and the hem of the sweater curled up a little. 
The third one is a pair of red trousers with hearts. I am still waiting for this item because the legs are too long so I have to get it cut. It is the one in the runway picture. 
I saw this pair of shoes from Prada about a month ago and I just fell in love with it. I usually buy a pair of l Prada a year and this year I haven’t bought one yet so I saved up and bought them yesterday as well. I really just love the colors and the style and I think that these shoes will express me very well. 

Anyway have a great holiday season and once I wear the garments from Acne I will definitely blog about it. For more information on Acne Studio please check: