Veggies Heaven Restaurant

After several exhausting days, I decided to treat myself to one of my most favourite restaurants in the Tokyo. This place is called Yasai Uchi Mei やさい家めい and you can find it at the Omotansando Hills department store. 
Japanese food traditionally tend not to focus on vegetables but this restaurant focuses on the vegetables and cooked them in a very traditional Japanese manner. This restaurant does provide meat and fish as well but the main focus is on the seasonal vegetables. Therefore the menu also changes all the time due to the availability of the ingredients. This was my dinner today. 

There are two things that I love in here which were the aloe vera sashimi with miso paste and the sour plum tempura. 

Sometime you do not know what you are eating but still very delicious. 

The restaurant is also famous for Bagna Cauda even though it is not so Japanese. Simply Scrumptious. 

I can say that I have dinner here everyday. 
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