Silk Scarf with Animal Prints

Last weekend, I blogged about how I started to collect brooches with animal design. However, this is not the only artifact that has an animal theme. I also love silk scarfs because a silk scarf itself is fine arts. It is not just the design on the scarf but the technique used in making one scarf is incredible.
The creme de la creme of the silk scarf has to be Hermes. An Hermes silk scarf takes a minimum of two months to be completed. Some may take even up to two years. When one color is applied onto the scarf, an artisan must wait for that color to be completely dried before going on to applying new colors.

  My Hermes scarf, can you name all of the animals on the scarf? 

This is by Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato. Can you see the crocodile? 
This is a vintage silk scarf from Richel Paris. 

Another vintage silk scarf by the French fashion house, Revillon.