Animal Brooches

Apart from my collection of handkerchiefs, bow ties and colorful socks,  I have recently started to collect animal brooches as well. I usually accessorize my suit with a brooch to add some cuteness to an attire that sometime can be perceived as dull and formal. 
 For me it is a reference to the style of the rich Japanese housewives in Ginza who tend to wear a chanel suit or a cardigan with an expensive diamond brooch and this is my personal reinterpretation to such a style. 

My outfit yesterday with a bunny brooch that I bought from a designer store in Hokkaido. 

A bird brooch made from felt. I wore this to class once and the professor just stopped the class and asked what is that? lol I actually got this brooch from TokyoHands. 

I saw this in Ginza yesterday and just had to buy it in an instance. The brooch is made from ribbon shaped as a lion. I just found out that the artist for this brooch actually lives in Sapporo Hokkaido. 

The brooch also comes as other animals. You simply have to check out: