Lunch at Marunochi

Today I finally got to catch up with an old friend of mine and we decided to have lunch in Marunouchi which is a very nice area to shop in Tokyo while not being too commercial like Ginza. 

In order to get there you have to go to Tokyo station which has just been recently renovated. Some people say that the station was inspired by the Amsterdam Central Station but I feel that the ambiance is very different. 
I had lunch at an Italian place known as A16, close by the Mitsubishi museum. 

I had the pasta lunch set which came with the salad, pasta and dessert. First of the all, the look of the food here is not great. Some may say it is plain to the eye. The portion seems quite small as well. Nevertheless after eating everything, I felt the proportion was just just right. 
As for the taste, I would say that the food has an acquire taste that can only be appreciated with maturity. The sourness of the lemon in the dressing made the salad very fresh and alive, the pumpkin in the pasta enhances the sauce even further and the dessert wasn’t too sweet at all.  
Another noteworthy thing to mention about the pasta at this restaurant is that forget the macaroni, spaghetti, rigatoni, etc. The pasta here has exotic names and it does come in shapes different from the ordinary pasta out there. 

At night the shopping street in Marunouchi lights up for the holiday season. 

Tokyo Station at night, a different kind of beauty from the Amsterdam Central Station for sure. 
For more information on A16 please check: