Autumn at Keio University

The other day, I blogged about the ginkgo trees that lined up from the entrance of Keio University and how they were so beautiful and yellow in autumn but that was not the only beauty of Keio University in Autumn.

These were the yellow ginkgo trees that I had blogged about. But here come the other spectacular scenes of Keio University. 

The statue of the founder of Keio University Fukuzawa Yuikichi who is also on the 10,000 yen bill of Japan. 

Art students sketching the view.  

Japanese maple bright in red and you can see the building that I study in everyday.

Can you see the leaves falling down? 

Even inside the building the scenery is stunning. 

I had to go an event after class today at Chopard in Ginza so I was wearing a double breasted suit underneath my YSL overcoat with my recently bought YSL bag.

I walked around the campus for nearly 2 hours today and I enjoyed every second of it.