An Event at Chopard

I was in Ginza to attend an event by Chopard showcasing a new watch for men. I have also blogged about this invitation from Chopard before but I didn’t realize that the one who invited me was actually the Flagship Store Director herself. Again the service was outstanding, when she knew that I arrived at the store, she came to greet and talk to me personally.

Before I left the store, I actually got a gift from Chopard inside this envelope. 

Due to the exclusivity of the event, I did not take photos inside the store but this was the kind of watch they were presenting. This kind of watch can actually show phases of the moon. I suppose if you are a werewolf it would come very handy.
 I was more interested in the Happy Diamonds and Happy Sports section of the store though where you can buy a watch and choose the diamonds that move inside to customize your own watch. This service is apparently only available in very few countries. At a moment like this, there is only one thing to do. Need to call mummy asap.