Yves Saint Laurent Forever

I have always love YSL for its French chicness. The name Yves Saint Laurent itself reflects French sophistication. When I have heard that Hedi Silmane, the new Creative Director, has decided officially to change Yves Saint Laurent the name of the brand to Saint Laurent Paris several months ago, I was simply enraged by the news.

Yves Saint Laurent was a talent who helped the brand Dior survived after the sudden death of Christian Dior and he also pioneered the ready to wear collection making high fashion accessible for more customers around the world. I really feel that a man’s name should not be erased away but remembered for that is how people can be victorious over death. 
From a branding point of view, Yves Saint Laurent is also simply remembered and called as YSL. The logo is also one of the most well designed and well recognized in my opinion. The popular bags are even known as ‘Y’ bag. Taking the Y away will not be beneficial to the brand at all. 
Therefore before Yves disappear from YSL, I intend to buy as many products as I can. Yesterday I got a belt and a YSL bag. I intend to use the bag for an evening event I will be attending this Friday night. 
You can see on the website on how the logo has already changed: 
You still have time to get something as Yves Saint Laurent via Mr. Porter: