Kamakura Autumn Leaves

This week my parents are in Tokyo so I have decided to take them to Kamakura. By train Kamakura is only about one hour away from Tokyo and the area is rich with temples, shrines and beautiful gardens. 

The most famous monument in the area has to be the Amida Buddha or simply known as the big Buddha at the Kohtoku temple.  

Close by the temple of the big buddha, there is also a temple devoted to Guanyin or Cannon in Japanese, the goddess of compassion. After you climbed up to the temple you can see the view of Kamakura city. You can also enjoy lunch from the top to enjoy this view. The temple also has a very beautiful Japanese garden. 

My hunt for beautiful autumn leaves also continue where I spotted some beautiful Japanese maple at the Hachimangu shrine. The leaves just turned here so you still have to visit before all the leaves wither away.

Kamakura had more temples and shrines to offer but time simply ran out. I would definitely visit again. If you either feel spiritual or cultural lets go to Kamakura together.