Tuna Ribs

I just came back from a very terrific restaurant in Tsukiji, the very famous fish market in Tokyo. This restaurant is called ‘Jige’. You eat tuna sashimi from an actual body of a tuna fish. You can really get an idea of how big the tuna fish really is. To be able to eat this you have to make a reservation for it beforehand. 

There is a particular way to eat it as well. In order to get the tuna meat out you have to cut it with a shell provided by the restaurant. The experience is also very bizarre. Somehow when you think about it, it seems very prehistoric for us to eat raw fish especially when the bones are still there with a shell but the freshness and the taste were just amazing. 

Another interesting dish was the scallop and urchin gratin, cooked inside the actual scallop shell. 
These shrimp cakes may look simple but they were just scrumptious, and you get them as a starting appetizer for free. 
If you do love seafood and feel like to spoil yourself. I definitely recommend Jiga.