Afternoon Tea in Daikanyama

Yesterday was probably one of the coldest November days in Tokyo. According to the weather forecast, the temperature was as low as the average of mid December. The weather was also very cloudy. With such a weather like Amsterdam, I decided to appreciate the cafe culture that I picked up from Holland by relaxing and drinking a cup of tea with my friend at a cafe in Daikanyama.
The cafe is known as Aso and it is opposite of the Tsutaya store in Daikanyama. During the afternoon the food is very limited but the cafe is perfect to come for drinks. There is a wide selection of beverages and the ambiance is so very relaxing. You can just chat and catch up with your friends in a very lovely atmosphere or just sit and watch pedestrians passing by.  

If you want to go and chill with a cup of coffee or tea at Aso: