Tokyo DisneySea

Another adventure this autumn was Tokyo DisneySea with my friends. DisneySea is one of the Disney  theme parks only available in Tokyo and it provides more rides aiming toward teens and younger adult.  I’m somewhere in between those two categories cough* cough* 

Do you want to go for a ride? 

Do you like my fine copper-ware? 

The Aladdin section

 My favourite Disney Movie is the Little Mermaid. Thus the Little Mermaid section of the themepark has to be my favourite. Even though the area provides rides for little children.  The Christmas celebration has already started as well look at King Triton. 

The newly finished ride for Toy Story. Apparently people had to wait 160 minutes for the ride. Therefore I decided not to line up but my two of my friends did and they said that it was fantastic and the wait was less than 160 minutes. 

The ticket is 6200 yen per person but if you enter after 6 p.m you can buy the ticket for half the price. Illumination at night is just beautiful and it would be great to bring your lover on quick date to DisneySea. 
This is my second time to Tokyo DisneySea and I still feel like I have not explored the place completely yet. I would love to go again soon.  
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