Autumn Leaves ShinjukuGyoen

The leaves are starting to fall. Therefore, I am officially kickstarting my 2012 Japan Autumn Leaves Coverage special today by going to Shinjuku Gyoen (新宿御苑) which is one of the main parks in Tokyo. There is an entrance fee of 200 yen per person but the park is very big and well maintained. 
The good thing about Shinjuku Gyoen is that it is so close to the shopping district of Shinjuku. Therefore today I bought some great organic lunch boxes from Isetan and enjoyed them in the park with a friend. As you can see the leaves are starting to turn, so you still have time to go and enjoy the colors of fall. 
A new greenhouse has also been built in the park and will official open on the 20th November so I am very interested to visit the park again. 
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