Egyptian Restaurant in Roppongi

Last night, I had the opportunity to eat dinner with one of my professors and my friends from class at an Egyptian/Arabic restaurant in Roppongi. 
First of all I have say thank you to Sam, my professor from my management class, who doesn’t want us to call him sensei (teacher in Japanese), for organizing this lovely dinner. 
The restaurant is called Nefertiti and everything is gold, shiny and sparkly inside, very “flashy”. We enjoyed a 6 course meal starting with salad then hummus with pita bread. After that I had lentil soup followed by a fish course. After the fish course I had a chicken kebab. Finally ended the dinner with dessert. 
I had to say that this was my first time eating Arabic food in a restaurant setting. I have been craving for some doner kebab and falafels lately since these kinds of food are easy to get when I lived in the Netherlands. I still remembered all those nights where you enjoyed a doner kebab in the cold after clubbing. Anyway this was of course a lot more delicious and definitely fulfilled my recent cravings. 

I had a very lovely night with everyone, a great escape from the stress going on with class this week. I have to say thank you to Sam again. 
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