Waseda University Festival

I have to apologize my friends for not writing my blog yesterday. I have been so busy lately with my master’s and yesterday once I got some free time I decided to go to the Waseda-Sai 2012, the festival of Waseda University. 
First of all I have to say that the festival was lively, very packed with people. You can get your palm read, take a bite of some Japanese snacks, see the various cultural shows from traditional to pop. 

The part that I loved the most for the Waseda Sai was the Japanese garden of Waseda where the students were dressed in traditional attires and people could enjoyed the lovely autumn weather air in the garden. 
In order to fit in with the students, I have decided to dress more casual today with just a white t-shirt, navy blue trousers and bash duffel coat. 

If you have missed out on this celebration, there is always one next year.