The Meaning of Handkerchief

Today I had to run some errands in Ginza. Therefore I took the opportunity to visit the handkerchief section of Mitsukoshi Ginza. I have always love handkerchiefs because it is a great way to accessorize the suit. It can add more colors to the outfit and there is an old world elegance to the handerchief. 
Today I bought four more handkerchiefs to add to my collection, two from Celine, a white one from Ralph Lauren and green and blue scotch one from Brooks Brothers.  
My Japanese teacher once told me that, in the past Japanese people would give a handkerchief to someone when they had to bid farewell from one another. Therefore the handkerchief actually has a meaning that they would shed tears because of this good bye. 
The symbolism certainly is touching but it is a good thing that I live in an age where I still can connect with my friends from all around the world. I really do not want my collection of handkerchiefs to represent all the farewells I have had in my lifetime.