Black and Bash

I am continuing with the issue of colors in fashion and today I will present to you black and bash. Black and colors that are earth tone like brown, bash, cream and many more are usually an unlikely combination. Nevertheless, this combination is not impossible. If you keep your outfit simple with just white, black and bash, the bash will be a very nice accent color to the outfit. Bash will take away the dark and serious atmosphere of a black and white outfit but still keep the sophistication. 
Today I will focus on the trousers. This is a black pair of trousers from the American designer 3.1 Phillip Lim but the bottom are actually bash. I found a very thin bash belt the other day at a 300 yen shop (approximately 3.75 US dollars) in Shibuya. They actually go very well together in my opinion, so you certainly can mix designer clothes with cheaper options. 

3.1 Phillip Lim can be purchased in Aoyama, more information please go to: