Cat and the City

To continue with the issue of colors, today I wore my favourite outfit. Some of my friends probably have seen me in this outfit before (It is not a crime to be seen in the same outfit, your fashion has to express you).

People may be afraid to experiment with colors but you do not have to be bold at all. Apart from pastel colors mentioned yesterday, you can actually experiment with bash, and navy blue. I wore a white t-shirt underneath a blue sweater with bash slim-fit trousers. The accessories are matched with the outfit for instance the scarf and the socks go with the white t-shirt and the blue suede shoes from Tod’s go with the sweater. I allow my limited edition Prada bag for the Shanghai World Expo in 2010 not to match with the outfit.  

The white scarf can actually be turned into a hat with white ears. So here is my Cat in the City photoshoot.