English Speaking Dentist in Tokyo

If anyone is looking for a dentist who can speak English, I can definitely recommend you my dentst, Motoki. His dental clinic is situated only 5 mins walk from Azabujuban station on the Namboku line and the Toei Oedo line.
He takes great care of his patients. The first time you visit his clinic, the form that you have to fill out will ask you what kind of smell do you like such as fruity, flowery etc. I thought it was a weird question when I was filling it out. As it turns out when you enter the actual room for the dental check, he actually use scented oil that you prefer. I guess it helps people who is afraid of the dentist to relax.
Another great thing about his clinic is the location. There are plenty of wonderful cafes in Azabujuban. Once you got your teeth checked and confident, you can begin to sabotage them immediately by visiting these cafes.

There is a misconception that dental care is expensive in Japan but this is not true Every foreigner living in Japan has the national health insurance anyway and you can partly covered by it.
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