Spectacular even with a Sickness

I woke up with a cold this morning. Even with a cold, it is very important to dress your best every day when you leave your house. You never know when you might meet your next great opportunity or next great love and you need to look your best to impress. 
First of all remember to keep your neck warm when you have a cold. So I wore my blue Lanvin scarf. I chose my outfit to be in the blue tone because of the scarf and then I felt like carrying my limited edition orange Louis Vuitton briefcase that I got from my mother as a birthday present this year. 
Another thing you have to remember is that the color of your bag doesn’t need to fit your outfit, it can contradict to give contrast. But if you are still not confident you can accessories a little more with colors to create more harmony with the color of your bag. In my case, the handkerchief that I tuck in my suit pocket has pink roses to match the warm tone of the orange and then my jewelry was a bee with pearl and studded with rubies. Therefore the red rubies can also go with the orange.  

In Japan, it is polite to wear a face mask when you are outside if you have a cold.
In the Thai language the name of the bee has same sound as the verb to rely on. Therefore a bee is considered a good insect for you can rely on it.